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Printed Wraps

Printed wraps allow you to create any look you want - a truly custom, one of a kind car.  You're turning your car into a work of art, creating something meaningful, and of course, something that will turn heads.  We can help you find the right designer, and then we take that design and turn it into a reality.


Wraps are printed and then laminated, improving the durability.  Wraps can be glossy or matte.  Often it's printed on white, but you can print designs on clear or almost any other color of vinyl.  We're seeing more examples of printing on reflective and metallic materials, too, really expanding the possibilities.

Screenshot 2024-04-02 at 1.54.06 PM.png
If you hadn’t heard of 5 A.M
_MIG0009 2
_MIG0003 2
Work in progress... With _iamnitty_
Our first sponsored car!  When this clie
If you hadn’t heard of 5 A.M
If you hadn’t heard of 5 A.M
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