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Miguel Pedraza

Co-Owner, Lead Installer

Avery Dennison Certified Wrap Installer and 3M Preferred Installer

Experience matters, and with more than 12 years in the vinyl industry, Miguel has it.  For six years, Miguel worked with a sign and graphics company in Norcross, but with a strong economy and an entrepreneurial spirit, Miguel was eager to develop something of his own.  

Miguel did most of the installation work for his previous employer, and positive reviews on Google often refer to Miguel's work. One local businessman wrote "No bubbles, clean lines, pretty fast turn around time."  Others noted perfectionism and attention to detail.  Those comments reference Miguel's efforts, and as great as his work was before, even better quality is expected now that he's working for himself.

In June 2019, Miguel attended a training and certification for Avery Dennison, one of the top American producers of car wrap material.  The course was led by world-recognized wrapper, Justin Pate, who was impressed with Miguel's knowledge and skills.  Miguel is eager to help clients customize their vehicles with unique wraps and features.  Later that same summer, Miguel traveled to Fort Lauderdale, FL for 3M training and certification at the Geek Wraps training facility.  Many wrappers fail to pass even one of these certification tests.  Miguel passed both.

Miguel works hard to create one of a kind cars with personal touches for each of our customers. Contact him today to see what we can do to make your car one-of-a-kind!

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