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Lettering, Graphics, and other Commercial Products

5 A.M. Vinyl works a lot with cars, but commercial vehicles are equally welcomed.  Before opening this business, Miguel had over 6 years of experience in the sign industry and has accumulated significant knowledge about branding.  Because we are certified by 3M, we are regularly contacted by graphic design firms and sign shops across the nation to perform wraps and install vinyl.

Whether you are looking to subcontract fleet vehicles in the Atlanta area or you have your own small business and looking for a way to improve your marketing or branding, feel free to contact us directly.

Pictures below represent commercial work performed by 5 A.M. Vinyl.


If you're a sign shop looking for a certified, insured subcontractor, your privacy and clients are protected as we do not post any work from subcontracted jobs.

5 reasons to wrap your business vehicle

1. Visibility - When you're driving to a job site, or even when you're just parked out front, hundreds of individuals will notice your vehicle.

2. You're basically a mobile billboard.  While traditional billboards may reach the same potential customers repeatedly, you have the potential to reach a greater number based on the areas in which you drive.

3. Although everyone might not call right away, seeing your vehicles will generate name recognition.  That will matter the next time they're in the market for services like yours.

4. While wraps aren't cheap, you do it once and it lasts for years.  The total spent may actually be less than running ongoing social media marketing campaigns.

5. They're a great tool for small and large businesses alike.  Smaller or lesser known businesses can level the playing field.

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